Authorised Dealer for Cummins Ghana Ltd


Regal Logistics is an authorized dealer for Cummins Ghana Ltd. We are authorized to deal in the entire line of Cummins Engine products, Cummins Filtration products, Cummins Power Generation diesel-powered electric, generating sets, power electronics equipment, and related components. As a dealer of these products, we are authorized to sell products, manage warranty, sign sales […]

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Authorised Representative of Pioneer Equipment Company, USA


Pioneer Equipment Company is incorporated in Florida and specializes in the export of U.S. construction and industrial equipment. Pioneer represents various U.S. manufacturers and suppliers in the primary areas of Earthmoving Equipment, Cranes, Asphalt Paving, Stone Crushing and Dredging. Click here to see more. Pioneer also regularly provides shipping services and international financing. Pioneer’s mission […]

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